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my Sport Technology Blueprint (DRAFT)

“Jason Anson’s thorough and systematic approach would prove useful to anyone engaged in monitoring the training progress and development of individuals within a sport organization. Anson is 25 - 50 years ahead of his time in sport science technology.” ­ Brent S. Rushall, Ph.D.,R.Psy.

The Situation in the World

Potential Class Action Liabilities Suits in the future....

The Problems
There are a number of problems, I will attempt to solve and they include:

  • Standardized Planning and Recording of Workouts
  • ...

The Solutions

Yearly Training Plan Builder Pro software tool

The Potential Outcomes

An easy to use, step by step guide to implementing a Sport Technology Blueprint in your sport.

In a world of changing sport science, Sport Technology Pro: Optimize Your Sport Training offers practical and proven advice about sport planning using a gold standard of scientific methods. In the first book about Sport Technology written for Sporting Organizations and Coaches, this book bridges the gaps between the current climate and the progressive best practices of the future. Technology Pro covers a variety of topics all crafted to improve one’s success in the sport organization industry. Anson proves that just being in the game is not enough, and that one’s success lies in being ahead of the game.

Sport Technology USA

more http://YTPpro.com

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